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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test sorts people into one of 16 distinct personality profiles and is used to help people find the “right” career.

MBTI Personality Profiles

You can find out about the different MBTI personality profiles using various free online personality tests. One can be found at This will give you one of the 16 four letter acronyms shown in the table below:

The 16 personality profiles of MBTI

Another free online personality test can be found

The first letter, either E or I, stands for Extraversion or Introversion and relates to the signifies the source of a person’s energy. An extravert’s source of energy expression is mainly in the external world, while an introvert’s source of energy is mainly in their own internal world.

The second criterion, S or N, stands for Sensing or Intuition and relates to the method by which someone perceives information. A person who is sensing believes information they receive directly from the external world. Intuition means the person believes mainly information they receive from the internal or imaginative world.

The third criterion, T or F, stands for Thinking or Feeling and relates to how a person processes information. Thinking means that they use mainly logic to make a decision. Feeling means that they make decisions based on emotion.

The fourth criterion, J or P, stands for JudgingPerceiving, relates to how a person uses the information they have processed. Judging means that they organise all their life events and sticks to plans. Perceiving means that they are inclined to be flexible, spontaneous, improvise and explore alternative options.

Personality Profiles and Career Choices

Many teachers tend to be ESFJ, ENFJ, ENFP, ESTJ, INFP, INFJ and ISFJ personality types but this does not mean that the other personality types cannot make good teachers. All 16 personality types can be successful in any profession. My personality type is ISTP and the suggested career choices are nothing like what I have done in my life so far.

My career suggestions based on my MBTI

I have a degree in Biological Chemistry and I spent several years as a researcher. I have taught ICT and IT Systems and in my spare time I have done photography as a hobby. My current job as a Learning Technologist involves a great deal of problem solving. So, although my personality profile is ISTP, my career choices have aligned more with those of an INTP.

In summary, I find the Myers-Briggs type Indicator very interesting and would advise you to look at this yourself. Once you have your personality type as a four letter acronym, do a Google search for “XXXX career choice” (where XXXX is your four letter acronym).

Further Information

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